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28 Month Supply of M.L.S. Listings!

 Do sellers really know just how bad the market really is in Central Florida? I have to believe that they don’t, based on my recent phone conversations and listing interviews with potential home sellers. There is only a slight chance that their home will sell at an average price, yet most home sellers still are demanding higher prices still. If they go ahead and list at the higher price, they’ll most likely have to reduce and sell for a much lower price in the end. Buyers, afraid that prices may still fall, are proactively seeking out homes which are great deals.


   Reduced Real Estate Orlando Market Pulse

There is currently a 28 month supply of listings on the market in our M.L.S., (Orange, Lake, Seminole and Osceola counties), over 28,000 available listings which doesn’t include new home builder inventory or For Sale By Owners. If we added those together we’d have somewhere close to 40,000 available homes for buyers. Over the past few months in this same area, only 1,000 or so are selling each month. Sales in September were down 53.6 percent compared to September 2006. With roughly 4% of the M.L.S. inventory selling each month, what is happening to the rest of these listings? They are reducing their prices.


Are the real estates properly coaching the sellers on pricing? I’m not so sure. I mention the bleak statistics to potential sellers, yet I’m sure, what I’m saying is not quite sinking in because they always seem to want more than my recommended price. The fact is, if they really need to sell, they will have to price less than anyone in the area, be in the best possible condition and offer great terms. I’ve been through a down market before as a Realtor, I’m familiar with fierce competition and what it takes to get a home sold in this climate.


Are we at the bottom of the cycle? I can’t be quite sure, but for the first time in months, the Orlando Association of Realtors reports that the inventory did not raise this past September, however the decrease was small. Only 3 less homes listed.  In preceding months inventory was growing each month. More listings were taken and less were selling.


Also troubling, is the fact that the average price differential is 93 percent. That is. A home which is listed for $250,000 should expect an average discounted price to be about $232,000. We as agents need to coach our would-be sellers who are thinking about listing their homes to not do so, so that this unprecedented over-inventory will decrease. Certainly there are more sellers who have their home on the market currently, who really need to sell. I realize that there are currently a great deal of sellers who purchased during the peak of the sellers market, who now must sell.




Many people of them cannot afford to list lower than what they’ve paid. Some have taken their homes off the market and placed them for rent, usually not covering their monthly expenses. I speak to many home owners that are now in this predicament. Still some of these people have their homes on the market. When I look at most of the larger subdivisions and their inventories in the M.L.S., I see a bunch of homes sitting on the market. A number of homes, which are approximately the same size as the higher priced listings, are offered for much less. Do the sellers not realize the competition? They must be complaining to their listing agents,


                    “My house wasn’t shown to any buyers in over 2 months!”



Some sellers who fail to sell with one agent will go ahead and re-list with a new agent. As a top selling agent in my area, I tend to list a lot of these previously listed properties. The sellers always seem to be very unhappy with their previous agent. Most times, the price was the reason that their home failed to sell. The agent wasn’t responsible, less you consider negligence on the pricing consultations. Many who list refuse to lower their price to keep up with the declining market around them. They will blame the inactivity received on their house on their agent. If the agent didn’t coach them regarding the pricing decreases around them while their home was listed, or if he failed to take the listing at the correct price in the first place, he is certainly to blame and should be yelled at.


If you don’t have to sell, don’t. If you must sell, sell at a competitive price. Don’t waste any precious time testing the market, you will surely fail. If you must sell, be sure to set a competitive price and be certain to insist that your agent consult with you on a weekly basis to check the pricing regularly. A lot of the listings priced too high are undoubtedly the outcome of listing agents and sellers not keeping tabs on the declining prices around them.

For Sale By Owner or Realtor?

For Sale By Owner Sign           For Sale By Owner or Realtor?

Sellers often find themselves asking the question,  “Why should I pay thousands in commissions when it seems so easy to sell myself?”  Are agents guilty of making the task of selling a home look too easy?, You bet! There are many self help books published for people who want to sell their homes themselves.  I would have to write my own book, or at least recommend a few good books myself, if a seller was adamant about trying it themselves. I think its a smart idea to read one or two, even if a seller had already at some point sold their home successfully without the help of a real estate agent. It might be harder then ever in a buyers market to save all this money, however.

In this crazy uncertain market I’m continually amazed when I see a home that was previously listed with a broker which failed to sell become a for sale by owner without a price drop. Certainly, a price drop equal to the amount of the commission is what most buyers expect. Is it advisable to try to sell your home yourself if you have a limited time frame?

As an agent myself, I certainly advocate a seller who would like to save the commission so long as they have patience and a knowledge of the real estate transaction process. In the absence of a good Realtor, I would advise that they also seek out a good real estate attorney.

An astounding percentage of privately sold homes end up in some kind of legal action, usually arising from some sort of failure to disclose certain latent defects or misrepresentations.  I read a report published by researchers from the National Association of Realtors which stated that in a certain year there were as many as 40%. Another staggering statistic, which most sellers are unaware of, is that nationally, for sale by owner sellers net 16- 20% less without an agent.  If your wondering why, read on… Continue reading

Century 21 Open House Extravaganza – Win Free Gas!

This weekend, Oct. 6th and 7th, Century 21 is sponsoring a national Open House Weekend where registered guests can be eligable to win free gasoline for a year*


I will be hosting an open house on a special home at 316 Sterling Lake Drive in Ocoee, located in the desirable Silver Glen Subdivion on Sun. Oct. 7th between 1-4 pm. The home is a 4 bedroom, 2 1/2 bath with formal living room and dining rooms, large kitchen  with breakfast bar and eat-in nook opens to a generously sized family room. There is a solar heated pool which is screened and a large covered lanai for hours of relaxation. This home is perfectly located on a large corner, tree shaded lot with a gorgeous manicured lawn. Silver Glen subdivision is easily accessable via the East West Expressway and Florida Turnpike. Located approx. 25 minutes north of Disney and 20 minutes to Universal Studios.  This home has been impeccably maintained and is better than new!, Whole house replumbed in 8/07! And the roof has been recently replaced with superior 50 year shingles! Hope to see you there!

Please vistit my real estate website at http:/ foradditional information on this and other homes, more photos and a 360 degree virtual tour of this property. You may also schedule an advanced showing by calling me at the number below if you are unable to attend.

*Full details regarding gasoline giveaway will be available at the open house or you may call me at (407)877-7627, Scott Taylor, REALTOR,P.A., Century 21 Elite Properties

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